Kindling the Light Of New year with the Dancing Lion

Unlike the fierce tiger, the lion is synonymous with kindness, joy, prosperity and luck; it symbolizes courage, strength, and wisdom; it is bestowed the power to ward off evil spirits. That’s why the Best LED Lion Dance has been celebrated for millennia for festivals, weddings, the New Year, for the opening of a business and even at home.

LED Lion Dance

The Statues

For the same reasons, statues of lions guard the entrance of the official buildings and temples, to protect the places. The pair often consists of a male lion on the right and a female lion on the left. The right leg of the male lion rests on a ball (representing the world) And under the left leg of the female lion is a small lion (or the ability to give birth). The number of curvatures on the heads of these lions depends on the rank of the characters they keep the place. The three colors that characterized the lions represented the three brothers-in-arms of the time of the three kingdoms. The first, Lau Bei, with his yellow face, symbolized prosperity and luck. The yellow or multicolored lion wears a long white beard, he is the oldest and wisest of the three, showing the intelligence, courage and kindness of General Lau Bei.

The Other One

The second, Guang Yong (General Kuan) had a red face and personified bravery, loyalty, he was the reference for Kung Fu schools. The red-faced lion had the General’s black beard and showed his courage, his rigor and his righteousness; this lion also represents happiness, good luck and prosperity.

  • The black lion is the youngest of the three; his black beard is short range to accredit from his youth. Like Chang Fei, whom he represents, he has a combative and ferocious nature, his movements are fast, energetic and always aggressive; a fighter, he was asked to celebrate the opening of the new schools.
  • The three men took the oath; they thus became Brothers Jurors and devote themselves to the justice.
  • Now, there are lions of all colors but never white, the color of mourning. Lion heads are made with papier-mâché applied over a wicker frame and rattan.
  • Lion Protection of doors, or dances in front of department stores, the lion is everywhere.

The lion dance is performed by a team of dancers and musicians. A lion team consists of at least five performers: the Drum Master, a body, a gong player, and one or more cymbalists. Lion Dance is a well-known Chinese folk tradition and an important lesson in traditional Kung Fu schools. No traditional school is considered complete without a lion dance team.

In France, people have formed in China to carry out the tradition. “The necessary skills for the dancing lion include strength, stability, balance, ability to visualize and improvise the intentions and emotions of the lion. The heavy head of the lion requires the dancer’s shoulders and strong arms; footwork with various positions and techniques of the martial arts. The person with the tail is folded all the time of the dance, so it needs a very strong back and good positions to lift his partner who holds the head: position little prestigious but very trying.