Supplements for dogs, what are they and why it is necessary?

The food supplements for dogs of natural origin are extracted from elements present in nature and treated so that we are comfortable using it with your dogs. They are taken orally and you usually give them to your dog along with the food. Food supplements for dogs are a great ally in your diet. Dog food from insects helps them in many aspects such as improve their health, their fur and even their vitality and good humor. There are supplements of all kinds but you already know that you like the natural. You call them supplements because they have the peculiarity that the necessary doses are small that is no one is going to fill your dog’s bowl with these but you will throw it a little bit at a time following the manufacturer’s instructions on the package.

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Why use natural supplements for dogs?

Natural food supplements for dogs are an excellent source of nutrients and trace elements that improve the dog’s health. More and more breeders, veterinarians and people dedicated to pets are using and recommending supplements for dogs to make pets live a healthy and happy life with fewer health problems and therefore longer life.Some food supplements for dogs have a general effect on the health of your dog such as providing greater vitality and a better physical and immune status. But others serve for specific things such as improving digestion, improving the coat, strengthening teeth or joints of dogs, etc.

In addition to being natural supplements you can buy without a prescription from the veterinarian which makes its use very comfortable for you. Just as you do not need prescriptions for natural supplements for people and you can choose and try supplements for dogs that interest you or see that in your opinion would be more beneficial to your hairy friend. Every day it is more fashionable to offer your pets natural products and food supplements that improve their health and help you to prevent future diseases. Nowadays there are many supplements for dogs of natural origin.

Fish oil, like salmon oil

Salmon oil is rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3and DHA acid. Salmon oil has many benefits for dogs, from providing energy, helping regulate the level of cholesterol and triglycerides, stimulates the immune system, is good for sight and hearing, improves fertility, etc.

Brewer’s yeast

There is also enriched natural beer yeast in the market. This means that the natural product is added some vitamins or minerals to increase the spectrum of action of the yeast. For example, there is brewer’s yeast enriched with Taurine.

Conclusion: Probiotics for dogs

The probiotics for dogs are live microorganisms that are taken orally and produce positive effects that spread throughout the canine organism.The probiotics modify the intestinal flora i.e., that make the ecosystem of small microorganisms living in the intestine of the dog changes, reducing the amount of harmful agents and increasing the amount of beneficial agents. Giving probiotics to your dog improves your system immune, cutting in some cases acute bacterial infections.